Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Doeling on St. Patrick's Day

Gladys and Patti, moments after birth - 3/17/13
We had a nice St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  We were in and out, checking on the kids that were born last week, making sure they were ok, as we had them outside most of the afternoon.  We had been checking on Gladys, our other pregnant doe, and noticed by early afternoon that the ligaments around her lower back had softened. 

When we put the kids away for the night, we went back to check on Gladys.  We found her in the goat shelter, lying down and straining.  We all scrambled, thinking she would have to give birth there; but somehow, we managed to get her to stand up and walk most of the way to the birthing stall.  Birth was imminent, and she gave up walking two thirds of the way there.  We were concerned about the weather and that it might start raining, so we had to improvise with and old sheet, making a sling to carry her the rest of the way.  She was pushing by this point!  We got her settled in just in time to see the beginning of the bubble showing.  Soon thereafter, I saw the nose and hoofs - what a relief it is for me to see that the baby is coming in the right direction!  All I had to do was clean her face when her head came through.  About a minute later, with the next push, I gently helped pull her out, dried her up a bit, made sure her nose was clear, then place her by mama's face. 

We gave Gladys some Nutri Drench - a vitamin drink with glucose which is advertised to be absorbed into the bloodstream within a few minutes.  Both she and Legacy did seem to liven up a bit after having it.  We want to make sure they bond with their kidlings during those first minutes, and that they will be able to stand as soon as possible for them to nurse.

Mission accomplished!

Patti will be a welcome addition to our herd.  The two that were born last week will be moving to other homes.  Ruby will be going to Whiteacre Farm up in Gainesville, where Legacy came from, as that was part of the arrangement we made with them. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kids - 5 days old

The dogs have been over the moon about the new kids.  So much so, that we've had to keep them separated for now.  They just want to love them in their big Great Pyrenee way.  So, there is a fence between them, especially when we aren't there to watch.  I don't think they would hurt them intentionally, but the kids get panicky when they are surrounded by such big bears.

Basking in the sun after running and jumping around.  They are really fun to watch...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with food - Michael wouldn't have it any other way.  The drink on the right is home-brewed mead.  We had Sweet Pea Soup, Irish Corned Beef Stew w/ Cabbage, Carrots & Potatoes, and Soda Bread. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

First time out for kidlings

Legacy and her two kids, born 3/12/13
The new kids spent an hour yesterday, under our watchful eyes, meeting the herd.  Legacy was out for longer, even though she wasn't too happy at first that we took the kids back to the barn stall. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We have kids!

This morning, I went out to check on our does - our two pregnant ones.  I was expecting to find nothing changed, so I was surprised to feel Legacy's lower back and find that her ligaments were totally gone, a sure sign of impending birth. 

We had been putting off getting straw for the birthing stall, so off went Don to buy some.  We quickly spread it out and went over to the field to get Legacy  and Gladys for company.  When we got there, Legacy was not on the field with Gladys and Frances.  She was alone in the shelter - another sign that labor is coming.  I went and brought her out.  She was willing to come, and that was a relief.  We led them to the back and into the stall.  Soon thereafter, she started having discharge.  We left for about an hour and got some school done with the girls.  by 10:00 they had the main subjects done, and I knew I didn't have their attention, so they went to keep watch over Legacy.  We also had a baby monitor that works just great.  By 1:00 the girls said Legacy was straining.  Don and Michale had gone off to run an errand, so I was left to help her give birth by myself. 

I had been told that most first births with goats usually are single births. 

I saw the bubble showing up, checked and saw the face and two hooves.  Relief!  The baby was presenting well.  After the second push, the head was completely out, so I cleaned up his nose and mouth.  He started breathing before he was fully out!  By the next contraction, I caught him on his way out, held him upside down, as I'd seen done and was recommended, then quickly put down a puppy mat on the floor by Legacy's face.  She began licking him right away, and I was relieved. She is a good mama.  I also cleaned him up with paper towels. 

After a few minutes, she was straining again, I went and looked, and there was baby #2!  This time, though, the baby didn't present just right...  I could see the nose and one hoof.  Oh, no, not what I was hoping for.

 I had to help with this one, go in and find the other foot, put in in place, but I could see that the baby was moving her nose and the head wasn't out yet... 

So, I needed to help get her out and clean out the air passages, all at the same time.  That was a bit stressful, but we made it! Thankfully, having a baby not present just right wasn't as hard as I had expected.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Kitty in the House

We weren't really looking to add to the menagerie, but friends had kittens, they had placed all of them but one, whom  they needed a home for...  and they loved this kitty and asked if we could possibly  take him.  So, we did, and we are officially done.  No more kitties, puppies, kids... for the next six months decade (renegade son wishes it weren't so...).   Ok, we'll have our own kids from the goats in the pasture, that's true.  Definitely no more kittens, though they are very adorable.  We have two outdoor cats; and now, Ivan.  Ivan is everything a kitten should be - playful, curious, funny, cute, cuddly, and scratchy...  He's learning.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Gladys and Frances joined Legacy in the field today.

They had been quarantined these last two weeks in the back.  We chose to bring them into the field during our lunch break, hoping that the Great Pyrenees puppies would sleep right through the process... No such luck.  We ended up taking them out to give the does a chance to get acquainted without playful puppy distractions.
Legacy, Gladys, and Frances
Legacy did quite a bit of this head-butting. It looks like she will be the Herd Queen, even though she is a few weeks younger than Gladys. 

We watched on the sidelines to make sure the transition went along smoothly.  The puppies soon lost interest in the newcomers and went back to their midday slumbering in the shade.  We finally have our three does together in the field...

... their Herd-Sire-in-Waiting will have to watch from a distance for a few more months.

  Mission Accomplished!

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