Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We have kids!

This morning, I went out to check on our does - our two pregnant ones.  I was expecting to find nothing changed, so I was surprised to feel Legacy's lower back and find that her ligaments were totally gone, a sure sign of impending birth. 

We had been putting off getting straw for the birthing stall, so off went Don to buy some.  We quickly spread it out and went over to the field to get Legacy  and Gladys for company.  When we got there, Legacy was not on the field with Gladys and Frances.  She was alone in the shelter - another sign that labor is coming.  I went and brought her out.  She was willing to come, and that was a relief.  We led them to the back and into the stall.  Soon thereafter, she started having discharge.  We left for about an hour and got some school done with the girls.  by 10:00 they had the main subjects done, and I knew I didn't have their attention, so they went to keep watch over Legacy.  We also had a baby monitor that works just great.  By 1:00 the girls said Legacy was straining.  Don and Michale had gone off to run an errand, so I was left to help her give birth by myself. 

I had been told that most first births with goats usually are single births. 

I saw the bubble showing up, checked and saw the face and two hooves.  Relief!  The baby was presenting well.  After the second push, the head was completely out, so I cleaned up his nose and mouth.  He started breathing before he was fully out!  By the next contraction, I caught him on his way out, held him upside down, as I'd seen done and was recommended, then quickly put down a puppy mat on the floor by Legacy's face.  She began licking him right away, and I was relieved. She is a good mama.  I also cleaned him up with paper towels. 

After a few minutes, she was straining again, I went and looked, and there was baby #2!  This time, though, the baby didn't present just right...  I could see the nose and one hoof.  Oh, no, not what I was hoping for.

 I had to help with this one, go in and find the other foot, put in in place, but I could see that the baby was moving her nose and the head wasn't out yet... 

So, I needed to help get her out and clean out the air passages, all at the same time.  That was a bit stressful, but we made it! Thankfully, having a baby not present just right wasn't as hard as I had expected.


Vintage Gal said...

How Sweet. Congrats ~! I betcha she just loves you for helping her sweet babies come into this world.
Keep us update on their progress ;-)

Mary said...

I really think she does! She looks at me with different eyes now, so sweet.

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