Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the Road to Roland and the Does

We were up before dawn this morning, out the door by 5:00 AM, and due in Newberry - just west of Gainesville by 8:30. 

We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over the rolling hills of Ocala, horse country, and we made it there on time! 
The folks who sold us our new Great Pyrenees puppy, Roland, were kind enough to bring him down from South Carolina for us on their way to a fishing family vacation on the Gulf Coast.  That saved us a much longer trip up to northern SC.

We made good time and avoided rush hour traffic through Tampa.  Roland was everything Anne, his breeder, described.  Such a sweet temperament, he has.  He is gentle and very deliberate about everything. 
From the Whiteacres' we drove about 50 miles north to Glades Ridge, where we met Joe and got a tour of his farm.  We had been communicating by email for a couple of months, waiting on his goats to freshen. The last of the two ended up giving birth to triplet bucks, so he offered a nice three-month-old doe instead.  He sold us two lovely does.
As tempted as I was to introduce them to Legacy right away... I resisted and they are in on-farm quarantine for two weeks.
Here is one of the sires - T'amo Vida Mia  (Italian for " I love you, love of my life... I think).  He sired the older of the two.
Isn't he handsome?
I have to say that goat people have a knack for naming bucks.   Many of the names I've heard are so clever!   I find bucks fascinating...

Here's another one of the Glades Ridge sires, a La Mancha.
On our way home, we stopped for takeout at Fat Boys BBQ in Ocala.  We would have sat down and eaten there, but we had the puppy and goats in the car.  I had read a blog post about this place and it sounded good, so we decided to try it based on that recommendation – It was terrible = D.R.Y. brisket and chicken.  Oh, well, don't go there...
When we got home, we spent some time getting everyone settled in their new homes.  We spent a couple of hours with Roland, especially, introducing him to everyone one-on-one.  Lilly adopted him right away, she loves puppies - who knew?

Walking the perimeter...

...and getting an earful from Pearl about whose tupperware toy that is on the ground.

No matter, he took off with it.  Can you see him running off with the container in his mouth?  He stands up for himself, good boy!  This is just what Pearl needed...

In the end, they worked everything out by the water trough, under the watchful eye of Lilly, the cow.

We drove 362 miles today, and it went by in the blink of an eye.

A day full of fun and adventure!

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Plant City Homestead said...

Boy, the number of fur creatures on the farm nearly doubled in a day. That must have been a wild ride home.

Love the puppies, and it looks like you have a daughter with a severe case of puppy love too. I know they will be your favorites too as they learn to do their job.

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