Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Gladys and Frances joined Legacy in the field today.

They had been quarantined these last two weeks in the back.  We chose to bring them into the field during our lunch break, hoping that the Great Pyrenees puppies would sleep right through the process... No such luck.  We ended up taking them out to give the does a chance to get acquainted without playful puppy distractions.
Legacy, Gladys, and Frances
Legacy did quite a bit of this head-butting. It looks like she will be the Herd Queen, even though she is a few weeks younger than Gladys. 

We watched on the sidelines to make sure the transition went along smoothly.  The puppies soon lost interest in the newcomers and went back to their midday slumbering in the shade.  We finally have our three does together in the field...

... their Herd-Sire-in-Waiting will have to watch from a distance for a few more months.

  Mission Accomplished!

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Chai Chai said...

Does you male goat have a companion?

Mary said...

No, we haven't found a companion for him, yet... He gets to see the girls but he is in a separate pen.

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