Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Gaillardia pulchella
Indian Blanketflower is a Florida native wildflower I planted a couple of years ago from seed. It reseeds freely every year and spreads out like a blanket, forming a nice flower bed over time. It’s easy for us to keep it in check as it mows down looking like grass. I have it growing around the bird bath, which provides protection from the cats, making the bird bath less accessible to them.

 The bees and butterflies like its nectar, and the seeds are easy to collect. I once saw it in a flower bed at a place in Brandon that I drive by every week, a rare sight, possibly because it’s not for sale at the big chain garden centers.  It's supposed to grow well near the beach as it tolerates salt somewhat, so it may be more popular out on the coast.

Another nice feature about this flower is that it changes color as it matures, from bright yellow and red to the rusty red seen above.

The bed always shows various shades of yellow and red.  Easy to care for, colorful, and food for the bees - it's a keeper.

I'm linking with Blooming Tuesday, where you can see what flowers people are growing all over the world.


daisy said...

Love blanketflower, but haven't had much luck growing it. Any suggestions?
Yours look amazing!!!

Crafty Gardener said...

Blanketflower is always so bright and cheerful in the garden. Lovely photos.

Mary said...

Ours grows in sandy soil. It likes to be watered every day, as long as there is good drainage. I don't do anything else. Mine is growing next to a herb box, so it gets water every time we water the herbs. It starts growing when temperatures rise into the 70s and continues to flourish through the summer and into fall.

Hope that helps!

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