Monday, February 7, 2011

Harvest Monday - More Greens

At the risk of boring everyone to death, here are some pictures of some of our harvest from last week.  We still have a profusion of greens in the garden, and I am more than thankful for them!  This is one of the things I love about winters in Florida. 

I planted two types of kale last fall - True Siberian and Red Russian.  The Red Russian is very pretty in the garden because it turns colors when the weather gets cold.  It starts out green with red veins then turns purple.  It looks wonderful for months, so it could be nice as landscaping around the house, even.

Aside from kale, lettuce, and parsley; we've also had sweet peas.  I'll post pictures of those next week...

The "Andrea's Shawl"
Here is something else that is green...  I've been working on this shawl since last week.  After a couple of false starts, I think it's finally taking off!  For some reason, my camera didn't like the lighting on the dinning-room table last night, the color is a lot nicer in reality.  If you are curious about this shawl, my knitting progress... you can go to my Ravelry account and see, there are notes there.

The yarn is like this picture...    ----------------------------------------------------->

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Susan said...

Fresh greens from the garden are wonderful in winter, and especially nice since they don't freeze. Enjoy!

Barbie said...

beautiful - on all accounts. LOL. I'm not a knitter. Your shawl looks like it has a great beginning!

Gabi said...

We need to put that Dominic rooster away again! I think Michael doesn't know it's eating the garden.
I love your border! That color is lovely. :)

Daphne said...

The greens look so pretty. All I see out my back door is white.

Robin said...

All of us snow bound gardeners will not get bored looking at all of your wonderful greens!!

Vintage Gal said...

Fresh greens from the garden ~ you have my mouth watering. I LOVE THEM ;-)
and your shawl looks like it will be adorable

Deb Fitz said...

Love the color and design on the shawl...I'm debinshelton on have some great projects there...I dye, spin and crochet when I'm not busy with my garden...

Verde Farm said...

Mary, the greens are so pretty and fresh. Good for you!! That shawl is going to be gorgeous--love the fiber you are using. I love shawls too-can’t wait to see the finished product :)

kitsapFG said...

The fresh greens harvest is beautiful. I am anxious for mine to pick up the pace again soon and start delivering a more substantial harvest once again.

The shawl project looks gorgeous.

daisy said...

How could I ever be bored hearing about fresh home-grown veggies? Keep us posted on your harvest!

Mary said...

Susan - Thanks, they really are. The kale made it through temps in the 20s and tasted even better afterwards.

Barbie - Thanks. I think there's a knitter hidden in there. ;)

Gabi - You are right. Thank you. :)

Daphne - Thank you & hang in there. Spring is just around the corner.

Robin - That's good to hear, because there isn't much else growing in the garden at the moment. :)

Vintage Gal - Thank you. I love them too. It's a chili day down here, so I'll be cooking up some chicken and kale soup again tonight.

Deb - Great! I actually own a spinning wheel, but I haven't done a huge amount of spinning on it. I've been tempted to do so again lately. There are so many different and beautiful fiber blends out there. I will go look you up on Ravelry. :)

Amy - Thanks, I'll keep you posted on it. It's an easy and fun knit.

Kit - Thank you!

Daisy - Will do!

Veggie PAK said...

Great looking harvest for this time of year!

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