Friday, September 3, 2010

Monthly Mosaic~August

I thought it would be fun to compile a mosaic of my favorite pictures from last month to share.  There may be a couple there that I intended to but never used in one of my posts. 


Kim said...

You're too funny, girl! A linky and everything. I'll see you soon :).

Mary said...

Ha, ha! Well, it doesn't hurt to try. :)

Chai Chai said...

Good idea, I so like the chicken picture on the bottom right.

Mary said...

Thanks, Chai!
I really like that chicken. We ordered the assorted heavy mixed layer female chicks from McMurray last Spring, and they put that one which turned out to be a rooster. I posted about it a couple of weeks back. It's a Dark Brahma, and they're supposed to be really gentle. His name is Jesse. :)

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