Friday, September 24, 2010

Beasties on my Okra!

 So, I went out early this morning to harvest the okra bed, and I found this plant's flower buds covered with aphids...  I quickly got a bucket of soapy water to spray the plants down with.  I'm hoping this will do the trick.  They appeared to be on only one of the plants.

... and I've learned that where there are aphids and ants, there are lizards.  If only they would eat all the aphids off my plants. 

The garden is really suffering under the onslaught of bugs right now.  I'll be out there this evening spraying with Neem oil and making some of my organic pesticide to spray in the morning.

I saw that disapproving look Mr. Lizard; it is time to move on!

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Tootsie said...

I use mineral oil, dish soap and water mixtures to kill off the aphids...they are an awful pest!

Mary said...

Thanks, Tootsie! I will add mineral oil to my brew.

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